The anime that changed my life!!!


Naruto shippuden

Naruto taught me many precious lessons some of which are listed below :-

  1. No matter how hard life is, you must not give up. Thrive forward with your hardwork irrespective of the outcomes you expect just work hard and everything will be alright.(Everything Naruto is about)

2. Hatred cannot deliver justice in any case. Period.(Sasuke’s whole plot)

3. Never act without knowing the full scenario. Don’t judge people’s actions and personality based on what you’ve experienced. Try to understand their perspective too.(Sasuke in Itachi’s context) (Obito’s full life)

4. Don’t use anyone for your own selfish gains. (Ororchimaru on Sasuke and many more)

5. Love your parents. (Naruto taught this to everyone I guess)

6. To overcome your weaknesses you should be competitive with others or with yourself. (Naruto being competitive with Sasuke)

7. There is a huge difference between you liking someone and you loving someone so be clear about your feelings. (Naruto in Sakura’s and Hinata’s context)

8. War does not bring peace, it just starts another war. (Pain’s perspective;awesome perspective)

9. Don’t be a condescending asshole just because you’re good at something others aren’t. Somewhere in the future they’ll catch up and beat the crap out of your ego. (Neji and Naruto in chunin exams)

10. Friends can heal that hole in your heart caused by loneliness. (Naruto and Gaara’s life)

11. Teachers are a great impact in your life and you must treat them respectfully. (Jiraiya,Kakashi,Guy,Asuma,Iruka)

12. A great leader is someone who treats everone in his team as a family. (Hokage’s duty)

13. Stop cribbing over petty things you are not good at and start working on them. (Sakura’s resolve)

14. You can achieve anything if you can muster everyone’s support. (Naruto and the great ninja war)

15. Introverts are great too. (Shino)

16. Dog is really a man’s best friend. (Kiba and Akamaru)

17. Destruction is sometimes neccessary for something new to start. (The ongoing ninja war)

   2) Death note


  • Whether a person is BAD or GOOD depends on the reference frame of the viewer ( there is no absolute evil or good )
  • No matter how hopeless the situation is don’t give up till the last second.
  • Beautiful girls are mostly dumb 🙂
  • anime’s are addictive
  • It shows us that appearances DO NOT matterThe most magnetic character of these series called L, the intelligent genius does not fit the clichéd description of a well-groomed, overcoat wearing detective from any angle. He sits with the posture of a ready-to-attack ape, holds the phone like a monkey would hold a bunch of bananas and eats with the air of an innocent child. Yes, he is the personality which stands out in the biggest crowd for being immensely comfortable in his own skin.
  •  It teaches us that sin should be hated, not the sinnerWe all are imperfect humans who commit perfect mistakes innumerable times. Some of these come under the context of crime. The protagonist of Death Note, Kira aka Light Yagami has a murderous rage against all the criminals in the world. For him, the only way to cure the world is to wipe them off the face of the Earth.What he doesn’t realise is by wiping off every human for the sin he commits; the world would not just turn into the most lovable place.
  • You can watch the scene from the 1st eppisode and you will know


It’s one of the greatest shows ever and a must watch for anyone and everyone. I could go on praising the anime but to get to the point (Warning:SPOILER ALERT)-
1.The Law of Equivalent Exchange: The most important lesson FMAB probably teaches is the value by which the entire show is governed, the Law of Equivalent Exchange. Nothing can be gained unless something of equal value is lost. You cannot gain anything unless you are ready to sacrifice something of equal value. It’s true in every aspect.
2. Human life is pricelessThe brothers had done a thorough study to learn the composition of the human body but was still unable to bring the life of their mother back. It tells us that no matter how much science advances, how much we know, we will never know what it takes to replicate the human soul.
3. Hatred gives rise to more hatred: From Scar’s story, we learn how hatred only causes more hatred. It’s a chain. Only when one has the courage to break it will the entire chain be broken. The one who does not give into the thirst for revenge is the noble one. Atrocities must never be forgiven. They should be endured. There’s a difference in the two. To quote FMA, “One who receives pain can still sleep, but one who gives pain can never sleep.”
4.You can’t give up your sins completelyFather, by giving life to his seven sins attempted to give up all his sins up to feel emotionless in his quest to become a pure powerful creature. However, we see that he is Greedy and Lusts for power, he is Envious of humans, he shows Pride in his almost immortal form, he is lazy and idle(Sloth) and makes his subordinates do all his work, he devours(Gluttony) everything in his path and shows his Wrath on any obstruction.
5. You are not above natureYou can gain all the power in the world but you are never above the laws of nature. Father tried to disobey the law of Equivalent Exchange but it proved too hard for him to handle.
6. Too much hope is never goodSometimes you have to accept reality. In the case of Rosé, she believed in something that was too impractical. She held on to her imaginary string of hope. It’s the harsh truth of the world. It’s a very dark world. You have to accept reality and move on.
7. Relationships have no value when personal gain is involvedThe most painful event of the entire story, the Sho Tucker chapter. One of the darkest and most sadistic events in anime history, shows that blood relation means nothing when a man is in search of pride and value in the society. He cares not for his own family if it means he is seen as a renowned individual in a society.
8. Humans will do anything in the name of progress: We see this in the events where prisoners are turned into the objects of scientific experimentation for the creation of Chimeras, Philosopher’s Stones and immortal warriors.
9. The government always keeps secrets: Looking back at the Sho Tucker incident, it was apparently a great discovery that he had done in creating a speech capable Chimera, but the fact that this was already achieved by the government never came into the light.
10. Justice never comes easy: You have to go through a lot sometimes even when you’re right. Perhaps the life of Brigadier General Hughes proves my point.
11. Everyone deserves a second chance: Our Chimera side characters and Scar show that if given a chance, people can really change.
12. Parents only act in ways to benefit their children: Hoenheim was never the ‘asshole’ Ed always imagined him to be. By the end of the series, Ed realises this and calls him ‘Dad’ for the first time in the show, soon after which, Hoenheim dies.
13. A lesson without pain is meaninglessThe last line of the anime- “A lesson without pain is meaningless. You cannot gain something without sacrificing something else in return, but once you have overcome it and made it your own, you will gain an irreplaceable Fullmetal heart.” I think the quote speaks for itself.
14. Knowledge is the most powerful weapon: I feel that this is a hidden lesson which many may not have noticed. Many people were puzzled at the end when Ed gave up his gate and Truth said it was the right answer and stuff. What truth was indirectly asking was whether Ed had learnt what would be the biggest sacrifice one can make, one that is even greater than a person’s life. Ed answered correctly. He said it was his gate of Alchemy. In other words, all his knowledge about Alchemy itself. He would, therefore, be unable to use Alchemy thus forth. Arakawa, the author of the original Manga, I believe wanted to show that knowledge is the most powerful weapon one can have, through this scene.
This answer is totally based on my interpretation of what I learned from the series. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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